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Career Backpack April 24 - May 7

MINNESOTA MONDAY: (Push through Twitter with Text and Graphic)

Interested in this growing field or area? Career Services Centers can help you prepare for these opportunities! #MisforCareer



MINNESOTA MONDAY: (Push through Twitter with Text and Graphic)

Mpls was ranked as 1 of the best cities for jobs in 2017. Career Services can help you prep for these opportunities! #MisforCareer


TRENDING TUESDAY GOES HERE (Push through Twitter with Graphic):

Check out GoldPASS this week, featuring 10 Career Events and 529 New Jobs and Internships! #MisforCareer




WISDOM WEDNESDAY: (Push through Facebook with Graphic):

When looking for jobs, always remain vigilant of scams and fake postings. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself.
1. NEVER part with your money. Most reputable companies will absorb the costs in the application process. 
2. RESEARCH the company. Visit the company's website, if they don't have one or don't provide a contact, tread carefully.
3. LEGITIMACY of email accounts. Be sure to do research on the legitimacy of email accounts you receive emails from. Some emails may use a corporate domain while lots of other small companies may use free g-mail accounts.
4.SCAM LISTS are an essential part of looking for legit postings. The Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission have listson scam organizations. Be sure to check them out when in doubt.
5. CERTAIN PERSONAL INFORMATION should never be handed out. This includes your social security number, credit card information, etc.

Federal Trade Commission:

Better Business Bureau:
Read More Here:


WISDOM WEDNESDAY: (Push through Twitter with Graphics)

W/ recruiting sesn coming, be careful in looking for scam postings. Screenshot this quick guide and read more: #MisforCareer



TWITTER THURSDAY (Push through Twitter with Graphic)

With Summer approaching make sure you are taking advantage of all the exclusive career events for GoldPASS users! #MisforCareer



TWITTER THURSDAY (Push through Twitter with Graphic)

Discover hundreds of jobs through CandidCareer. Explore skills needed and what makes them stand out -> Resources #MisforCareer


FACEBOOK FRIDAY (Push through Facebook with Graphic)

Are you confused as to what you're interested in or what kinds of careers you may fit into? No assessment will tell you exactly what career to pursue. They can, however, give you insights into your preferences and personality traits to help guide your search process. Most career services offices provide the opportunity to take the the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) + Skills Confidence Inventory. Contact your college's career services office for more information.



FACEBOOK FRIDAY: (Push through Facebook with Graphics)

The difference between a contact and a connection: " In networking, you can think of people as "contacts" or as "connections." Contacts are one-way: You only reach out when you need something. It's a numbers game in which you believe your chances are better by having as many as possible. (If you cold call 1,000 people, someone is bound to bite, right?!) On the other hand, "connections" are two-way: You care about the people who are in your network. You give them as much as you want to receive, and you stay in touch whether or not either of you needs something. And the results are better for everyone." - Adrian J. Hopkins - The Muse


MISCELLANEOUS (Push through Facebook and Twitter with Graphics): 

Facebook: With summer coming up, Career Service Offices are still working hard to ensure that you're getting the help that you need! Career Services Offices operate under normal business hours so make sure to drop in and say hi even during the summer!


Twitter: Career Services Offices are still open during the Summer! Be sure to utilize these services even over break! #MisforCareer





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