Career Backpack March 27 - April 9

MINNESOTA MONDAY: (Push through Twitter with Text and Graphic)

Minneapolis MN is ranked #5 in "Best Cities for College Grads" Take a look here:




MINNESOTA MONDAY: (Push through Twitter with Text and Graphic)


Employment in Mgmt of Companies & Enterprises experienced a 4% growth rate since last year in MN. Figures: #MisforCareer



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Check out GoldPASS this week, featuring 557 new jobs posted, 14 Career Events and 362 mentors all available this week! #MisforCareer



WISDOM WEDNESDAY: (Push through Twitter and FB with Graphic) 

Interested in any of these services? If so, find your College Career Center HERE #MisforCareer



WISDOM WEDNESDAY: (Push through Facebook):

Use College Career Services Now for Career Success Later - CollegeXpress

"The job search can be overwhelming, but you don't have to go it alone. Your college's career services staff is there to arm you with resources and information that can make you stand out from the competition and rock those interviews, now and in the not-so-distant future. In fact, most schools encourage students to visit their career services office as early as possible to learn more about what's available. So don't wait until senior year to see how this campus resource can help you out!" - Sara Hodon

Link to article:


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Dedicated Career Services Staff work hard in vetting job opportunities to ensure legitimacy and security. #MisforCareer




TWITTER THURSDAY: (Push through Twitter with Graphic):

Don't get caught in this situation! This weeks video: Interview Mistakes. Access through GoldPASS under resources. #MisforCareer



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Need Help with Resume or Cover Letters?

Career Services can help you with resume and cover letters! Does your resume contain educational experiences? Skills? Activities/Involvement? Does it contain action verbs? If not, be sure to use career services resources to help you get that opportunity you're looking for!

Find your career center:



FACEBOOK FRIDAY: (Push through FB with Graphic):

Landed an interview? Career Services offers resources to help you ace that interview. Schedule mock interviews, pick up interview guides, watch interview tip videos and utilize InterviewStream to ensure that you're prepared for anything that gets asked!

Interview Stream (An Interactive Online Interview Tool)

Make an Appointment (Locate your Career Services Office)




UPCOMING EVENTS: (Push Through Facebook and Twitter with Graphic)

Twitter: Graduating? Attend an exclusive event for Grads and network directly with company rctrs! Sign up through GoldPASS #MisforCareer


Facebook: Are you a December 2016 - May 2017 Graduate? Still looking for employment opportunities? Look no further! Now Hiring is an exclusive event for recent graduates where you can directly network with company recruiters and learn about unique job searching strategies. Make sure you sign up online so you can get those opportunities that you want!




UPCOMING EVENTS: (Push Through Facebook and Twitter with Graphic)

Facebook: Need help deciding if law school is right for you? This workshop is for any U of M student considering it. We'll talk about the skills you need, and how to decide if law school's a good fit for you. We'll also provide basic tips about getting into law school, and what you can do to prepare. The event will be hosted on 4/7 in Bruininks 411 from 1-2 PM! See you there!



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