"To provide students, alumni, and staff with the tools, resources, and the opportunities necessary to successfully manage their careers."

Online Job Search Workshops

Gather basic career information at a time that is convenient to you.  If you have further questions after reviewing these workshops, make an appointment with a career counselor. You may locate your career office at: www.career.umn.edu/offices.htm

Resume Writing  https://umconnect.umn.edu/resumes/
Get an overview of what to include on your resume and inside tips for making your skills stand out to employers.

Job Fair Success  https://umconnect.umn.edu/jobfairsuccess/
https://umconnect.umn.edu/gradjobfairsuccess/  (Tailored to Graduate Students)
Learn how to prepare for a job fair, how to introduce yourself to employers and gain tips for following up after the fair to increase your chances of securing a job.

Interviewing  https://umconnect.umn.edu/interviews/
Learn what you can do before, during and after an interview to increase your odds of landing a great job or internship.

Jobs & Internship Searching https://umconnect.umn.edu/jobandinternshipsearch
Learn about tools and strategies that will help you find jobs or internships in your field of interest.

Networking https://umconnect.umn.edu/networking/
Approximately 75% of jobs are never advertised.  Learn how to network effectively so that you can find out about these unadvertised positions.

Graduate School Planning https://umconnect.umn.edu/gradschoolprep/
Learn about the graduate school application process including timeline, tips on how to select a school and what makes a successful application for admission.

Writing Effective Personal Statements https://umconnect.umn.edu/personalstatement
Having a well written personal statement is critical for graduate school admissions.  Learn great tips for creating a good quality first draft.

Pre-Law Workshop https://umconnect.umn.edu/lawschool
Learn about the law school application process including timeline, tips on how to select a school and what makes a successful application for admission.

Professional Portfolios https://umconnect.umn.edu/portfolios/
Professional portfolios are a great way to show employers your skills during an interview.  Learn how to create one and how to use it effectively in an interview.

Salary Negotiation https://umconnect.umn.edu/negotiation
Learn the do's and don'ts of salary negotiation as well as ways to research salary statistics by job type and geographical location.

Transitioning from Student to Professional https://umconnect.umn.edu/transition
Your first job after graduating from college can be a big adjustment.  Get tips on how to ensure success in this first experience.