May 8th - May 21st 2017

MINNESOTA MONDAY (Push Through Twitter with Graphic):

Interested in engineering or architecture? Talk with a career counselor to see what your career path may look like!

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MINNESOTA MONDAY (Push Through Twitter with Graphics):

"The Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul powers Minnesota's economic engine."

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TRENDING TUESDAY (Push through Twitter with Graphic):

Check out GoldPASS this week, featuring 431 new jobs and internships and 22 CandidCareer industries!

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WISDOM WEDNESDAY (Push out through Twitter and Facebook with Graphic):

Twitter: Need help with Grad School exams? The U offers discounted prep courses to help you prepare to ace the test!

Facebook: Need help in preparing for your graduate exams? The University of Minnesota offers preparatory classes for graduate entrance exams ranging from the LSAT to the GRE. Often times, students can get a discount on these classes. Sessions start soon so make sure you take advantage of the world-class instruction offered by the University of Minnesota.

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WISDOM WEDNESDAY (Push out through Facebook with Graphic):

When considering your graduate school options, there are various databases that can help you choose which program is right for you. Our list of recommendations includes, and US News and World Report Rankings. You can also look at professional organization websites and graduate admission pages for specific programs. We also recommend that you utilize your Career Services Center to make a plan for graduate school admissions.

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TWITTER THURSDAY (Push Through Twitter with Graphic):

Need help planning for Grad School? Your Career Counselor can help you plan and prepare for Grad School.

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TWITTER THURSDAY (Push through Twitter with Graphic):

Your personal statement is an important way for graduate admissions to get to know you! Here are some tips:

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FACEBOOK FRIDAY (Push through Facebook and Twitter with Graphic):

Facebook: Get the most from your summer internship using these helpful steps! 1. Start with Relentless Punctuality 2. Complete each task with excellence 3. Taken on more work (if possible) - without being asked 4. Be resourceful 5. Ask good questions 6. Build professional relationships. Read more here:

Twitter: Interested in how to get the most from your summer internship? Read more here:

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FACEBOOK FRIDAY (Push through Facebook with Graphic):

Letters of recommendation describe and give examples of your strong qualities, skills and abilities, your commitment to a particular field, and your potential to contribute to that field of study or related careers. Approach people who you think will be able to give strong recommendations like faculty members, supervisors, coworkers , and advisors. Family members are not usually appropriate. Make sure to give your writer relevant information about the school and program you're applying to, your strong qualities and skills, a copy of your resume with student involvement, a list of coursework you've completed with grades (mainly for professors), and pre-addressed envelopes for each school you're applying to. Try to ask for letters at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Career Services Offices recommends using to help you manage and send letters of recommendation and there are multiple different plans to choose from. 

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MISCELLANEOUS (Push through Facebook and Twitter with Graphics): 

Facebook: With summer coming up, Career Service Offices are still working hard to ensure that you're getting the help that you need! Career Services Offices operate under normal business hours so make sure to drop in and say hi even during the summer!

Twitter: Career Services Offices are still open during the Summer! Be sure to utilize these services even over break!

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