Prepare for an Interview

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Schedule a Practice Interview

Practice or "mock" interviews are the best way to test how you'll perform during the real thing. Career counselors will ask you sample questions and then provide constructive feedback, letting you know what you did well and areas that could be improved. Contact your career center to schedule one today!

Interview Yourself with InterviewStream

Conduct an online mock interview and access a library of interviewing resources through InterviewStream.

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Research, Research, Research!

One common complaint from employers is that applicants haven't done their research. Find out the mission, values, and culture of the organization. Look into your interviewer's professional interests and involvements. Come prepared with tailored questions about the company. Start your research with reviewing the company's website, you can also find more in-depth information and/or more recent information at the following resources. Researching will help you stand out by knowing your stuff:


The average length of an interview will be around 40 minutes, but 33% of 2000 surveyed recruiters mentioned that they know within the very first 90 seconds of the interview if they will recruit the candidate. 

38% of rejection was because of the of the interviewee's voice quality, overall confidence level, and lack of a smile. Go into your interview with confidence right off the bat!