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About recruiting at the University of Minnesota



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When recruiting at the University of Minnesota it is important to know that Career Services is a decentralized function of the university.  This means that though there are some centralized tools available to recruiters to help navigate recruiting across multiple colleges, each college facilitates different opportunities for companies to interact with students in that colleges’ majors.  In essence, this means that each college’s Career Center works as a separate department and provides access to candidates within specific majors.

Before you begin your recruiting efforts, take some time to look at the different majors on campus. You may find that there are majors in multiple colleges that may meet your recruiting needs. For a list of all majors and the colleges that they are housed in, visit majors.umn.edu. If you want to reach students in multiple colleges, you should reach out to the Career Services offices that serve those student populations.

Once you know which colleges you would like to recruit through, follow the directions below to post your positions on Handshake, TalentLink or Symplicity.  Then contact the collegiate Career Services offices to register for career events on campus.

Please see our Employer Policies and the Handshake Employer User Agreement before signing up.

Determine your hiring needs and connect with career services

Are you looking for an intern, volunteer, or a full-time hire?

Do you need someone with a computer science, education, law, or a healthcare background? Maybe you're looking for a communications major? 

At the University of Minnesota, each college/school has their own career services office. If you are looking for a specific academic background, browse the list below to connect with that college's career staff.

For help determining your hiring needs, or if your needs span the spectrum, contact our central career office: Career Services Administration, 612-624-7577 or [email protected]

Carlson School of Management Business Career Centers (Graduate and Undergraduate)
The Carlson School works to advance the practice of management in the context of a global economy with increasing technological and social change. Our undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students pursue degrees in Finance, MIS, Marketing, Human Resources and many other professional areas.

College of Biological Sciences Student Services: Career Planning
Graduates from this college pursue careers in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, research, forensic science, pollution control, biochemistry, environmental planning, and pharmaceuticals. Majors include: Biochemistry, Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior; Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development; Microbiology; Neuroscience, and Plant Biology.

College of Continuing and Professional Studies Career & Internship Services
This college grants individualized undergraduate degrees, and Applied Science degrees in fields including Construction Management, Health Services Management, Information Technology Infrastructure, and Manufacturing Operations Management.

College of Design Career & Internship Services
The College of Design brings together several fields to create a multidisciplinary and innovative design environment. Undergraduate degrees are awarded in the following areas of study: Apparel Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Housing Studies, Interior Design, Landscape Design and Planning, Product Design, and Retail Merchandising.

College of Education & Human Developmen Career Services

A world leader in discovering, creating, sharing, and applying principles of multiculturalism and multidisciplinary scholarship to advance teaching and learning and to enhance the psychological, physical, and social development of children, youth, and adults across the lifespan in families, organizations, and communities. For information on education, business administration, recreation and fitness, and social science and human services majors and programs, go here. For career services information, go here.

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Career & Internship Services
This college's students pursue degrees in diverse areas including Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Applied Economics, Environmental Science, Entomology, Fisheries & Wildlife, Food Science and Nutrition, Forest Resources, Horticultural Science, Natural Resources and Plant Biology & Pathology. 

College of Liberal Arts Career Services
With over 60 majors and 14,000 students, Liberal Arts is the University's largest college. Our broad-based education teaches students to communicate effectively, adapt to changing situations, and creatively solve problems. The CLA student body includes students with a broad array of academic and career aspirations who are well-equipped to be successful in a variety of careers across every industry.

College of Science and Engineering Career Center
College of Science and Engineering is comprised of engineering and the physical sciences and offers the following majors: Aerospace, Biomedical, Biosystems and Agricultural, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Geological, Materials Science, and Mechanical engineering; and Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics.

Humphrey School of Public Affairs Career Services
Masters degree level students are trained for careers in government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private corporations to work as analysts, program evaluators, policy advocates, urban planners, and administrators. Degrees are offered in Public Policy; Urban and Regional Planning; and Science, Technology and Environmental Policy. The Executive Masters of Public Affairs program also trains mid-career students in public administration and leadership.

Law School Career Center
The University of Minnesota Law School is a leader in preparing students to solve the complex social, economic and business issues of our time, through unmatched clinical and experiential learning opportunities equipping students for the demands of the 21st century.  Students learn to think analytically, to identify the core element of a complex problem and to develop real-world solutions—skills that are essential beyond law school for all fields of employment. 

School of Dentistry
The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry is the state’s only dental school, and the only dental school in the northern tier of states, including the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. As such, we are a regional resource for dental education, consulting services, patient treatment, and ongoing continuing dental education. We educate general dentists and dental specialists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental educators and research scientists. 

School of Nursing Career Advancement Services
The Office of Student and Career Advancement Services (OSCAS) in the School of Nursing offers a full range of student services in the four degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Nursing, Doctorate in Nursing Practice and PhD in Nursing. OSCAS provides students academic and career counseling as they begin or advance their nursing careers.

School of Public Health Career & Professional Development Center
Graduates (M.P.H., M.S., and Ph.D) work to prevent illness and injury at a population level. They study: Biostatistics; Clinical Research; Community Health Education; Environmental Health; Epidemiology; Health Services Research, Policy and Administration; Maternal and Child Health; Public Health Administration; and Public Health Nutrition.

Career Services Administration
If your hiring needs span the spectrum, we can work with you to help you best navigate the campus

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  612-624-7577  


University of Minnesota, Crookston Career Services
This office serves students, employers, faculty, staff, and the Five Departments and programs (Argriculture; Art, Humanities and Social Sciences; Business; Math, Science, and Technology; and Natural Resources) and alumni of the Crookston Campus.
Their phone number is: 218-281-8585

University of Minnesota Duluth
This office serves students both undergraduate and graduate, and alumni from all majors on the Duluth campus.
Their phone number is 218-726-7985.
Email: [email protected]

University of Minnesota, Morris
This office serves the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and education students and alumni of the Morris campus.
Their phone number is: 320-589-6065
Email: [email protected]

University of Minnesota, Rochester

This office serves undergraduate students pursuing health professions.

Their phone number is 507.258.8457

Email: [email protected]:

Schedule recruiting events

On Campus Interviewing

Many colleges on the Twin Cities campus provide you the opportunity to meet with students on campus to interview for internship, co-op, or full-time employment opportunities.

At some colleges, this process begins early with scheduling for fall semester sometimes beginning as early as spring of the preceding academic year.  Please contact the office with which you'd like to host on-campus recruiting to learn more about recruiting their students.  

EEO Event Disclaimer

Business Career Center - Carlson School of Management

College of Biological Sciences

Career & Internship Services - College of Continuing Education; College of Design; College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

College of Education & Human Development Career Services

College of Liberal Arts Career Services

College of Science and Engineering Career Center

Humphrey School of Public Affairs Career Services

Law School Career Center

Post jobs, internships, and projects

Post Jobs and Internships

Handshake - used by all University of Minnesota campuses and is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and ALL University alumni.

TalentLink - used by the Carlson School of Management (CSOM) and is open to MBA, MS-BA, MS-Finance, MA-HRIR, and MS-SCM students and alumni.

Symplicity - used by the University of Minnesota Law School and is open to Law School students and alumni.

Post Projects and Micro-internships

Projects from the Maroon and Gold Network

  • Are you a UMN alumni? Find student talent for short-term professional assignments. Help students get hands-on experience for their career while gaining timely support for your work.

Micro-internships with Parker Dewey

  • Post projects, also known as micro-internships, that provide networking and real world experience to students while helping you get some quick, short term help. 

Recruiting diverse candidates

Questions to Ask Your Organization

It is great that you are looking for a diverse talent pool. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • How does your organization define diversity?
  • What kind of diversity recruitment strategies has your organization implemented thus far? What has worked well for you?
  • Employee retention of diverse talent is often an area of concern for many employers, what is your organization doing to contribute to employee satisfaction and promotion of an inclusive environment? Employee Resource Groups, Diversity and Inclusion Training? 

Tips for Attracting Diverse Talent

  • One way to help attract a more diverse pool of talented applicants can be by revising your position descriptions. See our diversity recruitment tips for suggestions. 

Benefits of a Diverse Candidate Pool

With an increasingly diverse market, hiring a diverse team will help businesses maintain and/or surpass their present success during the projected demographic shifts:

What Other Employers Say