Preparation is the key to a successful interview. Be ready to articulate your skills and qualifications that make you a great candidate for the position.

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Research and Reflect

One common complaint from employers is that applicants haven't done their research. It's important to research both the position and the company. Then reflect on how your experiences and skills align with their needs and values.

Research the Position

Know the position description in detail and be prepared to speak to your experiences that relate to the job responsibilities. You can also go to the company website and look into what current and past employees have to say. Conducting an informational interview is a great way to get insider information and learn what the company values in its employees.

Research the Organization

Find out the mission, values, and culture of the organization. Know their products, services, clients, and competitors. Look into your interviewer's professional interests and involvements. Then come prepared with tailored questions about the company.

Recommended Resources

Glassdoor Reviews from current/past employees and salary information.
LinkedIn General organization information and links to employee profiles.
UMN Libraries Business Research Resources Databases to find organization and industry information.
Vault Organization and position overviews and reviews.
GoingGlobal Helpful for the global job search. Includes advice on interviewing norms for different countries. Accessed through Handshake.
CandidCareer Video library with interviewing advice.

Practice and Prepare

Practice Interviewing

Practice makes perfect. Almost everyone has interviewing jitters, and the best antidote is practice - in front of a mirror, with friends and family, or with a career counselor or coach from your college. If you schedule a mock interview with your career office, we will ask you sample questions and then provide constructive feedback, letting you know what you did well and areas that could be improved. You can also practice online and access a library of interviewing resources through InterviewPrep

Prepare for the Little Things

Know what you're wearing. Have questions to ask your interviewer. If the interview is in person, know your route and arrive 15 minutes early if going in person. If your interview is remote, test out your set up the day before. Make sure your audio and camera are working. These seemingly small details can throw you off day of.

Find a Space for Virtual Interviews

Make sure you know where you will conduct your virtual interview. The space should be quiet and free of interuptions as much as possible. If possible, aim to have a plain, minimally decorated backdrop. We recommend dressing for a virtual interview as you would one in-person. 

Recommended Resources

InterviewPrep Online interviewing practice and resources
Ready for Success Professional dress for those with financial need. Contact [email protected]
UMN Job and Internship Fair Pinterest Board Ideas and tips on dressing for an interview.
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